Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blood Bowl Minotaur Painted

In this post I like to show how one copy of our Blood Bowl  Minotaur looks like after I've painted it.

Usually, my brother is the one that end up painting our miniatures. However, in this occasion it was me the one that painted it even if it was my brother who did most of the sculpting.

It has been a while since I wanted to paint this model, but until next weekend I never got around to do it. I would probably have wait even longer to paint it if I hadn't say I will participate in a Conversion & Paint competition of a Spanish forum. Seeing the deadline really getting close was what got me going, even if I finally not going to present this miniature to the competition.

The paint job is not based on a dipped technique as it usually is for most of our model, in this case I tried to paint the model with several layers of paint to do some shades and lights. I didn't like too much the model without paint, it was just okish for my taste, however once it is painted I love it. It was a really easy model to paint as while I painted it I just wanted to keep going. As it was intended as a model for a competition I tried a few thing like the scratches in the shoulder pads and the mud in the clothe between the legs.

I don't kid myself, I know the paint job is not at all near a professional paint job, nonetheless is better than most of the ones we made.

You can see that the miniature that I've painted has the right horn broken. It wasn't intended, one of the copies of the head that we made had a bubble in the horn and it came out like that of the mold, the rest of the head was fine and it looked good so instead of throwing it away we used it.

Well too much words, below you can see and animated pic and a few more pics of the Mino painted and one side by side with the original model.

Hope you like it!

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