Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Skaven custom made Doom-flayers and Poisoned Wind Mortars

This post contains the skaven weapon teams conversions made by my brother for his Skaven Warhammer Fantasy army: 2 Doom-Flayers and 2 Poisoned Wind Mortars.

He got the inspiration for making his own Doom-flayers after he made the deathroller for his blood bowl dwarf team. He used a piece of cork from a bottle of wine and build the rest around it using cardboard, toothpicks, triangular spikes made from a plastic sprue and skaven bits and other bits.

For the Poisoned Wind Mortars he used his Poisoned Wind Globadiers that he had previously converted using plastic plague monks. The mortar was a piece of card made tube with some putty to make the round end.

Hope you like them! Feel free to leave any comment.

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