Thursday, June 5, 2014

Step by step: sculpting some legs with putty

Before I end up with the design of my fantasy football chaos warriors, I tried to do other warriors with other designs that I never finished because they weren't what I was searching. This tutorial show how I made the legs for one of these fail attempts.

You may already know some of the pictures as they are the same that I used to explain how I sculpt chainmail in an earlier tutorial.

I started to sculpt the legs making the feet (truth be told the feet of the picture below are from another attempt but they are quite similar)

Next I built the armature for the legs and the lower body using pieces of plastic sprues.

Once the armature was done, I added to putty sausage on top of the feet to make the boots.

Then I added more putty to give volume to the rest of the leg.

Later on, I sculpted the kneepads and some armour plates at the top of the legs. You can see that the left foot is in a weird position but that is going to be modified in a picture a little below.

Then I added more putty to the legs to give them the final volume.

As the armature of the legs was only glued to the feet it was quite easy to cut the left foot from the rest of the miniature and reposition it.

Before I abandoned the project I manage to make a chainmail between the legs. You can see the explanation of how I did it in this tutorial.

Even if for the moment the project is abandoned, I didn't throw away the miniature. I will probably end up using it to make a model for one of our Warhammer Fantasy armies out of it.

Hope you like it!


  1. Great tutorial! It's really interesting that you use sprue for the armature rather than wire. Probably saves some time with bulking up the form, I'd imagine.


    1. I use both, wire and sprue, to make the armature. Sometimes only wire, sometimes only sprue and in most cases both at the same time. The use of sprue indeed saves time especially when doing something more voluminous.

      Thanks for comment!


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