Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Night Goblins army

Well after in this hobby buying a few 5th edition bretonnian miniatures, I end up collecting a few goblins to make together with my brother a big orcs and goblins army. Later on, with the 7th edition battle for the skull pass game box, I manage to create an all or almost night goblin army.

You can see more or less in the picture above that this night goblin army is composed from around 150 miniatures, and what is most impressive is that I manage to paint them even if the paint job is quite bad. I also have more goblins but they aren't night goblins so I'm not showing them to you right now.

I invested some money in obtaining some metal miniatures for this army: some fanatics, some night goblins with net and a few and some squig hoppers and herds.

I have to say also that this army has been quite forgotten and left to accumulate some dust as it is quite useless in the game, even if the same could be said of the hole orcs and goblins army.

Lords & Heroes
I have 4 painted characters, 2 shamans, a warboss and a big boss bearing the battle standard.

Core Units
Night Goblin regiment with hand weapon 1. Originally they were spearmen but I changed most of the spears with dwarf axes from my brothers dwarf bits box. They are also a couple of dwarf shields in the unit.

Night Goblin regiment with spears 1. I also slightly modify this unit changing the position of the spears in the 4 first rows of the unit.

Night Goblins with bow. I have never use them in any game but as I have them I painted them, I also have another 20 bowmen that I haven't painted.

Night Goblin regiment with hand weapon 2. Also carrying dwarf axes but in this case they are 6th edition night goblins that are bigger than the 7th edition ones.

Night Goblins with spears 2. This is the other unit that I have of 6th edition night goblins and it was in fact the first warhammer regiment that I painted even if after that I have tried to improve a little the paint job.

Fanatics. I have 3 metal fanatics from Games Workshop and 2 from GameZone miniatures that are quite cool looking even if I haven't yet paint one of them.

Snotling swarms. The 6th edition night goblins boxes they used to bring 4 snotlings so I added them to the night goblin army and bought a few friends to give them some company.

Special Units
Squid herds and Squid hoppers. During 6th edition both things formed a combined unit and when you got close to the enemy you could unleash the hoppers from the rest of the unit. In 7th edition however the hoppers became and independent unit and I found myself with two useless miniatures but quite funny nonetheless.
Rare Units
Trolls. The trolls are not necessarily related with the night goblins or at least no more than the snotlings but I also added them to this army.
Snotling pump wagons. I already make an entry about this conversions that you can see over here.

I also have a few unpainted miniatures (around 31 miniatures) that maybe in a really unlikely future I might paint.


  1. Impressed with your army. If you used the axes from a Dwarf boxed set what did the dwarves use for weapons?

    1. Thanks for your comment. The dwarfs were the 6th edition plastic ones that you can build with one handed axes, two handed axes or crossbows, so my brother had a few one handed axes to spare from the dwarfs he equipped with the other options.


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