Sunday, May 3, 2015

Commission: Pirate Ogres (II)

In this post you can see some additional work in another 4 Pirate Ogres. Most of the work is done in 3 of them, only the weapons missing and a few details.

Bellower Pirate Ogre: The head is from the Leadblechers set I add to him something similar to a raincoat. In the right arm he will carry a gun.

Standard Bearer Pirate Ogre: the banner will be the sail like one with the look-out gnoblar on top of it. In the right arm he will also have a gun.

Ogre 3: This one is an easy one, not extra clothes, only the hat and the patch.

Ogre 4: This is the first of the two ogres that are going to have a peg leg. It is in early steps of work but the peg leg is already in place.

More updates soon.

Another entries about the progress.

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