Thursday, May 14, 2015

Medics for my Imperial Guard Army (conversions)

Sometime ago I made a couple of Imperial Guards with medi-packs to use on my command squads. They are simple conversions but I haven't manage to paint them yet.

Medic 1
This is the most simple one, I just change a little bit the position of his right arm so it wasn't equal to the rest of laspistol arms of my army and add him a backpack/Medi-pack. I add a catachan knife in the left arm and a band where i intent to paint some medic like symbol.

Medic 2
This one was a little more complex. I try to represent a medic running to help a fellow imperial guard with the medi-pack in one hand and a lasgun at the shoulder. Make the medi-pack wasn't easy and it isn't a great one but hopefully once painted it looks okish. The right arm was almost made from scratch at there weren't any arm with the right position in my bits box.

Due to a recent purchase I have a "official" imperial guard with medi-pack but it is not the same.

Feel free to leave your comments and I hope you like them!

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