Friday, August 28, 2015

Folding Blood Bowl 7 pitch protected in both sides

One of the last pitch I have made was a Blood Bowl 7 pitch and I decided to go a little further protection wise in this one as opposite to the others that you can see in the Blood Bowl section of the blog.

To make it I used:
  • 2 mm thickness grey cardboard
  • Black Geltex
  • A3 size sheets of paper
  • Strong glue stick
  • Autoadhesive transparent wrap
The process is quite similar to the ones that I have already written: cutting the cardboard pieces, glue them to the Geltex, glue the sheets of paper where I print the pitch. The difference comes now that on top of the printed pitch I place a new layer of autoadhesive wrap.

I use my pitch design so you may have see it in other pitches.

As always that I tried something new I have found a couple of defects. In this case the autoadhesive wrap tends to unstuck in the central hinge. And also one of the cuts of the printed pitch wasn't too straight.

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