Sunday, October 4, 2015

Chaos Dwarf Bullcentaur Hero (conversion)

Today I want to show to you an old conversion that my brother and I made around June in the year 2007. It is a Chaos Dwarf Bullcentaur Hero and the pictures are also from around that time.

For the conversion we used a plastic orc board (the old model one), arms from an orc, the axe head of a black orc and a 6th edition dwarf head enlarged with green stuff. I'm not sure but I think the body is also from an orc. To fit all together and change its appearance we used green stuff, the bard is also made by us and it serves to cover the joint between the board and the body that wasn't pretty. The sculpting is quite improvable and right now we could probably made it better but even if it is an old model it still has some charm.

In  the pictures below you can see the bullcentaur hero with flat colours and the base without decoration.

We decorated the base with some sculpted plaster and give the model some shades with the betuneado technique, below the results.

Hope you like it!

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