Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fountain for our Warhammer Fantasy/Mordheim Imperial Town

Today I want to show you another one of our half ruined Warhammer Fantasy/Mordheim Imperial Town scenery pieces: a Fountain.

When my brother and I make this element we spent quite a few time think how to make a water effect without using the special mix that exists to do it. We try lots of things like applying thin layers of PVA Glue/White glue and let them dry before applying new ones but it didn't work as we expected. Finally we end up putting a piece of a transparent plastic sheet with a little layer of PVA glue to give some texture to the surface.

The rest of the materials used in the fountain were:
  • A CD-ROM for the base that we glued small cardboard pieces on top of it to make a paving effect.
  • Corrugated cardboard to make the four walls of the fountain, and some pieces of thin cardboard to give to it some details and to hide the hold of the corrugated cardboard.
  • A cork to make the pedestal in the center of the fountain.
  • An armored miniature that was pretty damage after a failed conversion that I tried to do that was in my bits box.

As you can see the upper part of the body is "under the water". Originally it was glued to the bottom but not any more and it changes constantly of place.

I hope you like it!

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