Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cardboard made Stormraven Gunship: almost finished

A couple of weeks ago, I post a few pictures of the wing of a new Warhammer 40000 vehicle that my brother was making. The vehicle is in fact a Stormraven Gunship and in this post you will the progress that my brother has made in it.

The model is almost finished, the only thing that is missing is the guns, and the rivets. My brother has design the model so it breaks into 4 parts: fuselage, left wing, right wing and tail cone with tail planes. In the pictures below you can see more or less those parts. The parts attach each other with magnets in the case of the wings and inserting a flat piece into a slot in the case of the tail cone.


Shooting cockpit (without guns for the moment)

Tail cone and tail planes

If you put all those pieces together you obtain the following model:

Don't know about you, what I really like it a lot =D


  1. Fantastic! Once again you and your brother do something amazing.

  2. Thanks, but I haven't done much in this project...


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