Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vampire Hero almost from scratch

I made this vampire a long time ago, more or less at the same time as the Fell bats.
The first thing I made before starting to sculpt was to try to draw what I wanted, even if drawing is clearly nos one of my skills.

Back then I normally didn't have the courage or the skill to make things completely from scratch so I decided to make the legs and the body and use a head from the bretonnian knights and some arms from the Empire free companies. The first version of the model that I made was a little fat as you can see below.

I also hadn't follow the design too much so after a while I decided to start over, I took the head and the arms from that version and place them in a new slimmer version.

This second versions follows a little more the design but it isn't too well detailed. I made the sword using plasticard but it was too bulcky and decided to change it once I had already started to paint the model.

You can see the final result in the pictures below.

It isn't a great model, it neither has a great paint job but for sometime it was the only vampire in my Warhammer Vampire Counts army so it has seen a lots of battles =P

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