Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ork Stormboyz conversions

My brother designed a bunch of Rokkit Packs to upgrade a few boyz from the Assault on Black Reach box set to Stormboyz.
To make the rokkit packs he used a variety of plastic tubes and some cardboard, and then he make resin copies of them. He also used plasticard to make some small wings. In the picture below you can see the three models that he made and a copy of one of them with a couple of wings attached to it.

As he made the copies of the rockets and the wings separately it is possible to attach the wings in different ways and different numbers (from 1 to 3), thus permitting to obtain a big diversity of rokkit packs. To place the rokkit packs on the orks we have to make a few adapters as the orks from Assault on Black Reach has shoulder pads and other things that can't be removed.

Thanks to my brother we now have 15 Stormboyz and he also has painted them all!!

Hope you like them!

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