Saturday, November 8, 2014

Killa Lanz contribution from DeLeagant

Sometime ago I asked a reader of my Spanish blog, DeLeagant, to send me some pictures of his Killa Kanz. In his words the tutorial made by my brother and I showing our cardboard ork Killa Kans have encouraged him to make his own Killa Kanz. I haven't translated our tutorial but is someone is really interested I can try it.

I'm going to do a translation of his explanation on how he do them:
As you can see the I didn't try to do a complicated mechanism to join the legs to the rest of the kan, just something simple, basically a toothpick and some putty. The body of the model is a vitamin container upside down, as it was too long I just cut a section in the middle and glued the rest of the pieces. You can see where is glued in the top part of the body, I decided to leave it visible as if it was a soldering line made after the gretching got inside it so it cannot get out.

The cables and wires that are dragged through the floor were used to give the model an unfinished or sloppy look and also to give the model some extra support.

I'm happy with the paint job, it's plenty of chipped areas and a little rusty. The colour choice was easy as everybody know that red paint job is fastta. I apply a couple of black washes to the models and one of the kans is "dripping" oil in one of his sides.

One of the Killa Kans has a multimelta directly looted from a Sentinel, as it can be seen the meks haven't even bother in giving it a new coat of paint.
I personally find curious and really orky some of DeLeagants ideas, like imprison a grot in a killa kan and feed him through a hole. If one ask himself why and ork will feed a grot is because he hasn't realise that know the grot is inside a killa kan.

I find amazing that my blog has inspired someone to do something, it was its intention but one never knows it its going to work. I guess I must be doing something right =P

If someone want me to show some of his work through my blog, contact me at lord-skofis(a) .


  1. Your blog is awesome! I have made a few things from cardboard before, but you make me want to take it to the next level. Fantastic stuff here! THANK YOU!

    1. You are one of the few that seems to think that way or courageuos enought to comment, thank YOU, sometimes I think of closing this blog and dedicate my time to the one in spanish that seems to steer more interest...

    2. I just get really excited when I find something great. If my Spanish was better I would check out the other blog more often. Google translate doesn't work so well on my phone. I also added you to my blogroll. Keep up the great work!


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