Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our Ogre Kingdoms Warhammer Fantasy Army

Above you can see our Ogre Kingdoms miniatures that we have painted. People that know the current state of the rules for this army will miss a few units with really big miniatures but be still are using the rules that where released during the 6th edition of WFB.

My brother and I loved the idea of having an army of bruthis ogres from the get go and we make a big purchase directly when GW released them. In 6th edition they also had the Dogs of War rule that allowed as to use them with our Dogs of War army. Additionally and this was somewhat important it was easier to paint them as they where big and only a handful of miniatures. The first time that we painted the army we do it more or lest 50-50 between my brother and I but the models that you will see in this post is the second version and they have been painted by my brother only.

To complete the army we also have a few gnoblars that we haven't painted yet and a Hunter with two Sabretusk that hasn't yet be repainted.

The army has a few converted models, some of those conversions are older ones and others are more recent. You can see in detail some of them in my previous post about the maneaters and the bruiser.


Tyrant and Butcher
The Tyrant was modified adding an ironfist instead of two hand weapons.The Butcher is a conversion using a bull. The next picture shows the first version we made of the butcher and after that the better current version next to the Tyrant.

Bruiser Army Battle Standard

Core Units

Bulls 1

Bulls 2


Special Units
Leadbelchers 1 (The Thunderfist is a convertion done with an Imperial great cannon at the back, donated by a friend after building a mortar with the great cannon/mortar pack)

Leadbelchers 2

Leadbelchers 3

Rare Units
Maneaters 1

Maneaters 2

"Slavegiant" (is the same giant that we used in our Orc and Dogs of War Armies)
As a curiosity comment that the scared imperial on the floor has the same colors of our Dogs of War Army.

Hope you like them, fell free to leave any comments you want =D


  1. Oh yeah. The newer version of the Butcher looks way better. I like the Slavegiant as well. The helmet it has is awesome.


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