Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dragon Teeth, plaster made tank traps for Warhammer 40000

One of the last pieces that I have added to my scenery and terrain elements collection is some tank traps. Basically concrete blocks to slow or block the enemy tanks movement.

I made them with plaster and then sculpted some details. In the picture above they are just placed on top of two bases, not glued, so you can have and idea of how can they look above the terrain.

I painted them with a brush and they have for different shades of colors.

I have made 12 for the moment for my personal use, I intend to combine them with some razor wire to make really could defensive point that offer protection against tanks and other troops for the contact combat but that doesn't offer a great cover against projectiles.

The pictures below show the tank traps before and after they were painted. Most of the sculpted details were made in the places where an air bubble was trapped.


Hope you like them!!


  1. I really like the bullet holes. They look very realistic. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. i usually make such things with styrodur (is that right in english?) but yourse look way better =)

    1. Not sure if that's the correct name in english but I get what you mean, I tried to do a couple of things with that material but I have to still make a little few more things to get a good idea of what can my brother and I do with it and what we can't do. The plaster is something that we have been using from the beginning and we still find some new uses to it.


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