Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bretonnian Errant Knights (Bretonnian Army Crazy Project) I

As I said in the previous post about my Bretonnian Project my first goal is to paint 9 Errant Knights, and this is the first post about this unit.

Truth be told I have almost finished the unit but I'm a little late with the updates of this blog. At first I though of making the unit mostly from 5th edition plastic bretonnian Knights of the Realm and with some bits from the 6th edition plastic knights. I've already bought the original 5th errant champion but latter I was able to procure myself with the standard bearer and with a music from the 5th edition questing knights that was a little damage and begging to become the errant knights musician. The standard bearer was also a little damage and I had to replace the metal pole with a plastic one. In the picture below you can see some of the additions that I made to my 5th edition bits collection, all of the were a package that also have quite a few damaged questing knights bodies.

For the errant knights I only added the 6th edition plastic heads to the 5th edition knights of the realm bodies adapting with a file the necks, and filled the holds in the back with some Green Stuff.

The most difficult conversion of the unit has been the musician. I had forget how difficult was to cut parts from a metal miniature. As I said the miniature was already damage or converted and the previous owner has file almost completely the Fleur-de-lis form the trumpet cloth and the crest of the knight. My contribution was to cut away completely the head, change it for a plastic one and cover the flaws in the neck and the trumpet cloth with Green Stuff.

I decided that the heraldic schemes for this knights are going to be the following ones:

They are pretty simple on paper but taking them to the barding is not that simple.

In the next entry I'll show you how the horses look like once painted.

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