Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Red Duke (Vampire Lord)

A few years ago when I decided to start my Warhammer Vampire Counts Army I bough the miniature of the Red Duke trough the online store without really knowing it was the Red Duke, just thinking it was a cool mounted  vampire miniature.

The Red Duke was once the most loyal and dedicated of the knights of Bretonnia, nonetheless he succumbed to the curse of vampirism during the Crusades of Araby. Without really knowing what was happening to him his most faithful servants carry him back to his castle while he was still only ill. Then he died and rise from the dead and started to terrorise his faithful servants that has take the time to carry him to his house and the rest of Bretonnia.

Some of you could have seen that I usually prefer to do my own conversions to use as my Warhammer characters, but this miniature really got my attention and I decided to buy it.

I know that my painting skills aren't really great but I tried to do a good job with this miniature instead of my usual flat painting with a "quick shade" painting technique. The scheme of colors of the miniature follow the scheme of my other miniatures of my vampire counts army that for the moment are not a lot. I tried to armor is painted trying to represent rusted brass and rusted iron. I also painted the eyes of the miniature that is something that I never do.

Hope you like it!

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