Monday, March 10, 2014

Molds of the Chaos warrios and first miniatures casted

Hello again and sorry for not posting more regularly. I've been quite busy this last couple of weeks and translating post or posting in English is not as quick as doing it in my mother tongue.

After some problems with the first molds that I made of the chaos warriors and some wasted silicone and resin I decided to do them again spending more hours and waiting a couple of days more until they were ready to start casting. These new molds seems to work find and I've already made a few copies with them.

Below an Image of the molds
And a couple of the first copies (before I correct the flaws left by the casting process)

As you can see I've made two new tentacles and change a few things of the models. Mostly in the one that is blocking the way. In particular I've change the tree chains that he has below the waist and the part of the chain that was hanging from his right hand.

As it is not simple to imagine it I took a couple of picture of how the tentacles look like in the models. I used Blu-Tack to hold them in place so, for a permanent join in that position some green stuff or putty might be needed mostly to fill some gaps between the "armpit" and the shoulder of the model.

I think I manage to sculpt some tentacles that can be used in the four warriors even if I like some combinations more than others.

I also take some pictures to show how the claws would look like

I didn't try more combinations as I would have had to cut the hands of more arms and I prefer to aboid that if possible. Nonetheless, if someone has an special interest in any combination he could ask and I will try to do it and take some pictures for him to see it.

Finally I was asked if the mutations could be used in the GW warhammer fantasy beastmen. The answer is yes but there could be some interferences or problems of space between the beastmen horns and the shoulderpads.

Personally I will not use the claws with the arms of the chaos warriors for the beastmen but as I didn't want to cut any hands of the beastmen arms for the moment I also try to see how the claw would look like using a chaos warrior arm.

I will try to return to my usual update or posting schedule but I'm still quite busy so I'm not making any promises.


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