Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bretonnian Errant Knights (Bretonnian Army Crazy Project) III: finished

This post continues with the previous one and it is the last one about this unit.

The Errant knights are finished, I applied to them the mix of varnish and Judea bitumen and finished the bases, then I added the pennants and the banner.

Below you can see the knights before and after the "betuneado".

As you can see the mix of varnish and Judea bitumen that I have applied to the knights is lighter than the one that I applied to the war horses. Nonetheless I obtain the results that I wanted as the mix has coloured the deeper parts of the knights like the spaces between the fingers, the spaces between the strands of hair among others.

My brother wasn't so sure that adding pennants to the knights was a good idea, so I printed a few designs in a sheet of paper cut them and provisionally glue them to the lances.

I liked the result even if I didn't manage to cut the pennants good enough to hide the white side of the paper. My brother also liked it so I decided to try to do some permanent pennants with tin paper from wine capsules. This trick was told to me from a visitor of my Spanish blog and is quite interesting. You can see the results in the pictures below.

Instead of continue with more bretonnian knights I've decided to paint some Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guards, I think I could manage to paint them in a few days. Then I will continue with this project by painting 9 Knights of the Realm.

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