Friday, November 15, 2013

Blood Bowl Chaos Warrior Finished and Painted

Some of you will remember this previous post where I explained my intentions to make a few chaos warriors. Well some time ago I manage to finish the first one and start making resin copies in case any one was interested in them.

For the moment I just selling copies in Spain until I have a few more things to sell. If someone is interested before I officially open my online store he could contact me in my e-mail: lord-skofis(a)

I hope to have the other three warriors and some optional mutations bits to personalize the models ready for the beginning of next year.

Once that is said I want to  remember you how the sculpting process of this miniature began. The first thing that I did was to try to draw a concept art of what I wanted and then I made a quick armature with some wire and some putty.

From there I keep working till I get to the final "green" that you can see in the pictures below.

That I  manage to draw something similar to what I wanted to do was something quite surprising to me, but to have finished the model is just something that I can't quite believe yet. I know that there are things that could be improved but I'm pretty sure that this is the best model that I've made so far.

Another surprising thing, at least for the people that know me well, is that I manage to paint a copy of the miniature instead of waiting until my brother takes pity of me and paint it for me. Not that I can't paint, is just that I usually prefer not to do it.

I have kept the Green as it is and painted the first resin copy that I made. I painted the miniature in about three hours the same afternoon that I made the copy. I must have been inspired or temporarily insane because I've tried to paint the model using the Non Metallic Metal technique. I had only tried to do a NMM before in a couple of really tiny things.If you have a look to the miniatures shown in the blog, you could see that neither my brother nor I are professional miniature painters. However I think that I end up doing a nice job, not great, really far from awesome, but nice. You could judge the result by yourselves looking at the pictures below.

I've took a few pictures comparing the model to other miniatures of our blood bowl teams made with GW models. The warrior has a 38mm height from the feet to the top of the head or 41mm considering the tip of the horns.

Hope you like it! Don't be shy and leave your opinion using the reaction buttons or a comment! =)


  1. Very nice! And Congrats! It can feel so nice to finish a sculpt.

  2. Thanks Mattias and yes, it feels great to finish them


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