Friday, November 29, 2013

Dogs of War Pikemen (conversions)

Pikes are the infantry weapon of choice in Tilea. Twice as long
as a normal spear and longer than a cavalryman’s lance, the
front of a unit of pikes is an impenetrable wall of steel.
The pikemen is the most typical unit of the Dogs of War and is capable of resisting a cavalry charge and fight well against other infantries.

Initially, we though of making our Dogs of War army using miniatures that we didn't need in our other armies and like that we put together our first pikemen unit. In the unit we put every extra miniature from the rest of our warhammer fantasy armies, changing their weapons to pikes make by enlarging spears using the shafts of other spears or of some of the standard bearers arms. The result was a rather ugly unit but it was the first unit of our army even if now we have dismantled it.

We have use or reserve the miniatures of the unit once we have dismantled it. For example we are thinking of making a Blood Bowl team with the dark elfs.

We also used a dwarf that cannot be seen in the unit as it is a dwarf and is in the 4th row to make one of the dwarf blood bowl team runners. This particular 5th edition dwarf had loosed his head and arms and there were replaced with 6th edition dwarf bits a pretty hideous conversion. To make the runner we unglue the head and arms and make new ones with some putty.

Latter we change our approach to the army and decided to make and army per se. We also decided that the army should had mostly human miniatures.

Our second Pikemen unit was a basic Empire State Troops unit with spears and some homemade changes. We added some shoulder pads to the miniatures and changed most of the heads, nonetheless they still look like spearmen more than pikemen.

The third Pikemen unit that we made using also the same miniatures that in the second has a greater pikemen look to it as we replaced the spears with pikes made using brass rods. We also decided to give the unit a more Regiments of Renown look as we decided to put hero like champion.

The hole in the first row is for one of the characters. we usually put a mounted character inside this two units, in one of them we put our Mercenary General and in the other the Paymaster. In the picture below you can see how the unit looks like with the General inside it.

We are in the process of changing the spears of the second unit to pikes, we already have made the pikes but we haven't painted them yet. I will also like to change the command group of the second unit so that unit also has a more regiment of renown look.

In the picture below you can see the size differences between the spears and the pikes.

Hope you like them!

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