Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dogs of War Crossbowmen (conversions)

The bulk of the missile troops in a Dogs of War army are formed
by crossbowmen from Tilea, Estalia and the Border Princes.

In this entry I want to show you two more units of our Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War Army, our Crossbowmen.
I have already show to you our Paymaster but in the future I'll post a few more.

The conversion of this Crossbowmen is bases in the 6th edition plastic bretonnian Bowmen. The conversion is quite easy, chop off the arms with the arcs, glue the arms with crossbows from the free companies box set and fill the gaps with some green stuff. I also use some heads from the men-of-arms instead of the heads from the bowmen to give them a different look.

For the second unit I didn't have enought heads from men-at-arms so I just used the bowmen heads.

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