Monday, November 18, 2013

Dogs of War Duellist

Small units of lightly armed skirmishers are normally employed
to protect the flanks of pike-armed units

In this entry I want to show you another two of our Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War units. In the picture above you can see half of each unit as we painted first one half of each and then the other, it turns out that wasn't a great idea =)

To make the Duellist we used the Empire Free Company box set. We made 8 swordsmen (matasietes) duellist and 8 pirate duellist.We armed a few of the pirates ones with pistols in case we wanted to use them equipped like that but in general they are equipped with two hand weapons. Given the options of the Empire Free Company box we didn't have to make any conversion as the miniatures where just what we needed for this units.
As I said we painted first one half of each unit and a more than a year latter we painted the other half. Normally that will not be a problem but as we used a dipping technique were the mix is made each time you apply it the shade of the miniatures is different, being the second ones darker than the first ones. We have though of stripping them and painting them again and we probably will end up doing it but for the moment we have lots of things to paint and do and we are not going to do it soon.

Matasietes (a name given to the ruthless courageous Spanish swordsmen of the XVI century if I'm not mistaken)


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