Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dwarf Mine

This is one of the first scenery pieces that my brother and I made. We made a few before this one, a couple of orc huts and some polystyrene hills.
As you can see this piece represents the entry to a Dwarf mine understanding dwarf mine like and underground fortress.

To make it we used polystyrene that came wrapping I don't remember what electrical appliance, some plaster, some cereal box cardboard, a couple of toothpicks and some plastic bits from the 6th edition dwarf warriors set.

The scenery piece has a few flaws some of them are because is a pretty old and used scenery piece but most of them are design flaws. As you can see the door is a little crooked and also has lose a portion of the gold paint in the frame. At both sides of the door are to flags with some dwarf runes on them that should translate into something like "Kalot" (my brothers nickname) and "Skofis" (my nickname).

The Mine has a fence covering the entry that shows some of the small balls of the polystyrene and there are also pieces of the plaster have detached in some places of the mountain wall.

Truth be tall, it also has some positive qualities, like having plenty of space to hold a couple of war machines or a unit armed with missile weapons. One thing that I particularly like are the stone steps on the side, I think they are well integrated with the rest of the piece.

Hope you like it and please leave your opinion with the reactions buttons it will only take you a second.

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