Friday, October 11, 2013

WIP: Blood Bowl Minotaur

Hi there!

My brother is sculpting a Minotaur for our Blood Bowl Chaos Team.
He was really enthusiastic with the project at first, and in no time at all he sculpted the basic structure for the body, legs and arms:

But then he tried to make a Head for the model. He didn't have good results the two times that he tried and he started to loose faith in the project so he ask me to try it myself and so I did:

I have to say that to arrive to the results of the head that can be seen in the pictures above I changed a few times the position of the horns and the back part of the head to hold them because I couldn't find a good enough place to put them. I also think that the nostrils are a little too much in the side of the head and they should be more frontal, maybe I'd change them in the near future.

Now that the model has a head I hope that my brother regain faith in the project and keep working on it.

Maybe some comments would encourage him to keep going  ;-)


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