Saturday, October 19, 2013

Skaven Warlord atop War-Litter (conversion)

Almost every character in my brothers WFB Skaven army is a converted model. One of my favourites is this Warlord on War-litter. The model is full of little amusing details. The first one is the way the Warlord is carried on top of a shield like if he were copying a Dwarf lord carried on a shield by his shieldbearers.

The Skaven Warlord also carries a dwarf battle axe as if he wanted to provoke the Dwarfs in to putting him in the Great Book of Grudges, showing that the Skavens are the rightful lords of the underthingy

In the other hand he carries the shield of a Bretonnian men-at-arms that is a pretty easy prey, showing that he maybe isn't an all mighty and powerful warrior, maybe that's the reason of why he is behind to sturdy stormvermin and out of the reach of most of the enemies.

Another detail amusing detail is that his foot is on top of the hand of one of his slaves shieldbearers, showing that the slaves are the lower any skaven can get in the skaven society even if that endangers his life as the slave could loose his grip and let him fall.

Conversion bits

Stormvermin details. The Stormvermin where converted using skaven 6th Edition clanrats and some putty.

Warlord and slave shieldbearers details.

The whole model assembled

The model painted

And finally how the model looks like accompany by a clanrat unit.
Hope you like it and feel free to leave any comments, or leave your opinion using the reactions buttons.

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