Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to make Vampire Counts Fell Bats

This is another tutorial on how to use putty. This one shows how I did my Fell Bats. I did them in the summer of the year 2007.

In the picture below you can see the tools and materials that I used.
I began by making the armature with pieces of sprue and some wire for the wings.

Then I started using putty. Firstly I used A+B white modelling putty to give the model some volume.
Once that putty was cured, I began sculpting some details to the model with A+B putty mixed with Green Stuff. I didn't like the part that was going to be the neck so I trimmed out the white putty and then made the basic shape for the head.
When the putty of the basic shape of the head was cured y put some more putty on top of it and sculpting the head details as the eyes and nose. Not a great result but at least a functional one.
Latter I did two putty sausages to make the ears as I show in the picture below. For this process it is necessary to use your fingers and a sculpting tool.
Then I continue the model by doing the wings. When I did this model didn't know yet the trick of using some talc powder to do flat things so I just used a lot of water. I did a flat surface, then marked with a hobby knife the shape and cut it.
I let the putty cure for a while (a little more than an hour) before I decided to place the wings in the model. I did some marks in the putty with the hobby knife so the surface wouldn't be too smooth.
When the putty of the wings was place where it goes I knead more putty and sculpted the back of the model.
The wings needed two small membranes near the neck so I did them.

The next step was to start making the tendons that allows the bat to move its wing with putty sausages.
I didn't like the back part and decided to improve it with a more marked spine.
I also placed some spikes on the spine.

Then I kept doing the tendons.
To finish with the model I placed two small balls of putty to do the feet and added 3 spikes to each to make a little claw.
The Fell Bat was done, but I had to place it on its base.

As it isn't possible, or at least it wasn't, to have a unit of one Feel Bat I did two more. I also took the opportunity to change a couple of things that I didn't really like in the first model, the straight legs for instance.

Once I painted them the result was the one showed in the picture below.

Sometimes I use two units but I really don't have enough patience to make three new models so instead I have done 3 resin copies of one of them. To do the copies I had to change the claws of the feet but that wasn't too much trouble.

Hope you like it and I also hope that someone could find some inspiration with this tutorial.

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