Sunday, October 27, 2013

What we made with one of the tied up dwarfs slayers of The Battle for the Skull Pass Boxed Game

I made this entry to show you how we converted the tied up Dwarf Slayer from The Battle for the Skull Pass Boxed Game. We have a couple of them and weren't using them for anything and the face in not bad so we make a new body for him and converted into one of the Dwarf Slayers of my brother's Dwarf Blood Bowl Team.

Firstly we cut the head from the original body. Then we made a body using the metal Dwarf Slayers of WFB as models (in the pictures of the top center and top left side you can partially see one of those slayers as the model is place on top of it).

Then we made a couple of muscled arms worthy of a Dwarf Slayer. We used a coupled of hands from some spare arms of WFB 6th edition dwarf warriors. We also made him a more thick beard.

And that's all folks! It requires a little bit of work but is quite simple. The better part is that instead of having something useless in a forgotten box of bits you get something pretty useful.

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