Monday, September 16, 2013

Alien Dessert Jungle

 Dessert Terrain Week

Hello There!
With this entry I start with the Dessert Terrain Week where I will upload some entries showcasing the terrain pieces that I'm making to use in my Warhammer 40000 games, following the line of the crater that I have already posted.. This first two pieces are a kind of Jungle. I made them using some cheap artificial plants.

Originally I planned to have a mix of different plants but after visiting three different shops I only found one kind that will serve my purpose.

I used two damaged Cd's for the bases. I glue to them some sand and painted it using an airbrush. Later I added some patches of static grass. I made the mistake of using black as primer while the other terrain pieces have a white primer and now the sand its a little darker than it should. Nonetheless, the global aspect of all the pieces together in not bad.

When the bases where painted I glue the artificial plants to them with a glue gun. I made the first Jungle tall and pretty tick and the second one, with smaller plants and without covering all the base.

First Jungle base

Second Jungle base

Is not a really impressive result but is better than noting. I have enough plants to make at least 5 more bases.

Feel free to leave any comments!

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