Sunday, September 8, 2013

Paymaster (Dogs of War character) version 2.0

In this entry I'm going to show you the uptodate version of the paymaster of our Warhammer Fantasy Battle Dogs of War Army, yes we have a Dogs of War army even if there have disappear since the 7th Edition of WFB. I name him Rodrigo Pepinillo (that more or less means Rodrick the Pickle), and I made its initial conversion at the begginings of the year 2008 around the same time that my brother and I made the dwarf Anvil of Doom. This miniatura had been "updated" trhough time as well as other of our conversions, in this case the change has limited to its head.

When I first started making this miniature my intention was to make something similar to the image below, that represents a mounted paymaster in a Lustrian campain:

I think I did a good job and I'm still not sure if I would be able to repeated even if I want to, of course, it has its flaws, I'm not that blind.

Paymaster Version 1.0 not finished.

Paymaster Version 1.0 finished.

Paymaster Version 1.0 painted (in the shield are the initials RP for Rodrigo Pepinillo).

Paymaster Version 1.0 finished and painted.
Hope you like it!

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