Friday, September 6, 2013

crater caused by the impact of some ammunition / my first time using the airbrush

Hello everybody! I recently bought and Airbrush and, like everybody with a new toy, I didn't waste a second and started using it even before I get it out of the box.

I purchased a really basic kit because I wasn't sure that I could really use it, so instead of spending a lot of money in a good compressor in the initial purchase, I get something that could show me how the airbrush work and left for a second purchase the compressor.

I had used the airbrush twice for the moment. The first time was a disaster as I didn't have all the things necessary and I tried using paint not special for airbrush, thinned with distilled water and the Airbrush got stuck a lot of times before I give up. Looking at the bright side, I really learn to take apart and put together the airbrush and all its pieces. The second time I was better prepared, I had bought some paint thinner of the same company of the paints that I normally use, Vallejo.

The thing that I had painted is a little terrain element, the first crater that I'd made. It was unpainted because I didn't really like its shape but it was perfect to get to know how and airbrush work.

The first day I manage to paint almost completely the base cape with a dark brown. The second day I finish painting the base cape with vallejo model air paint of the same color and also painted two highlight layers with vallejo model color paints thinned with vallejo thinner. Also I add the black zone with black from vallejo model color also thinned. To finish painting the crater I add some highlights with a brush as the paint thinned used with the brush had loose a little bit of color and this crater seemed more pale that the other two that I have already painted before I have an airbrush.

To finish the element I add some static grass to give it a little color, as I had previously done with the other two craters that I made.

Personally I am very happy with the result also with a quite promising second day after the first disastrous one.

Now I see some clear uses for the airbrush, for example I'm gonna use it to paint some terrain elements that normally will be left unpainted forever. In addition I think that I'm going to paint at least the first layer of the Tau army that my brother and I have recently purchased.

See you!

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