Saturday, September 28, 2013

Step by Step: sculpting my first attempt of Chaos Warrior

I've been trying to make my own chaos warrior blood bowl players for quite a while. Right now I have my first warrior finish and I'm in the process of making some resin copies of him. You have seen pictures of it during the modelling process here and here.

I've to tell you that the version that you can see in those image is the 4th one. The first 3 versions didn't make it pass the legs. The first version was the one that use to make the How to make chainmail with putty tutorial.

Mattias Darrow ask me if I could show how I make the legs in another tutorial but that is quite tiresome for me so instead I'm going to show you the pictures step by step. At the end, with two or three techniques you can make anything with putty or green stuff and I've already explain all the techniques that I used in other tutorials.

In the 1st version of the Chaos Warrior I started doing the feet and latter building the armature for the legs and the lower body with pieces of sprue on top of them. (the picture showing how I made the feet is actually from the second version but I didn't have one of the first and they were quite similar).

Then I started covering the armature with putty. First making the upper part of the boots, then the legs and latter the kneepads.

Latter I make some protections for the upper part of the leg and added some putty to shape the butt.

I didn't like the position of one of the feet so I change it.

Then I did some chainmail between the legs as I have shown in the tutorial.

The model wasn't dynamic enough so it was left like that. I didn't throw it away or anything, now I think I have a new use for it.

If someone want me to try to explain how I did something just ask me. Hope you like it!

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  1. Thanks Sir Skofis! Another awsome tutorial. Hope you come up with some warriors you like. I know from experience that it can take a long time to get a sculpt where you want it.


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