Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wall with a fence on top of it

 Dessert Terrain Week

Today I bring to you a little wall with a fence on top of it.

Truth be told my original idea was to make only a fence but the material that y used for the fence (a net that was wrapping some garlic) keep trying to take the all thing down, so I added a polystyrene wall to hold the mast so the net couldn't pull them down.

The base is made with corrugated cardboard with some masking tape on the edge to cover the holes.

the polystyrene wall is cover with a small layer of plaster to give it some form. I should have left the sides of the wall a little ruin as it didn't seems quite right a fence without any battle damage in a Warhammer 40000 board, but I didn't, maybe next time.

I painted all of it with the airbrush. I think it is really useful to paint terrain elements.

I have problems doing the photos as the fence didn't seem as metal as it is unless it was light up at the right angle.

Hope you like it!

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