Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crater due to the explosion of a Killa Kan

 Dessert Terrain Week

In this entry I want to show you the last crater that I had made until today. Is by far the most complex of the 3 of them that I have made. This one tries to represent the explosion of a Killa Kan.

The crater is made on top of an old Cd as the other two. The process to make it is quite similar to the one that I explain in the second crater. The principal different is that instead of putting some foamboard pieces to simulate rocks I built some pieces of a killa kan to put laying around the crater. To built the killa kan I follow the same process that I use in the ones that I made for my ork army, I have a tutorial explaining how to do them, for the moment only in Spanish as no one seems to be interested in a translated version.

This crater was also painted before I have the airbrush.

As always is not a great result but it serves its purpose. Hope you like it!

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