Monday, September 16, 2013

Crater due to an explosion

 Dessert Terrain Week

This piece of terrain is another crater is the second one that I made and is a little more detailed than the first one but quite easy to make still. I tried to represent that the blast of an explosion have left some bare rock when it has impel some of the earth that were where the bomb have explode, it also have some pieces of rock fragmented during the explosion. I know it isn't too realistic but it is easy to make.

The crater is made ontop of a Cd that didn't work. To make the crater I used a roll sheet of newspaper that I cover with toiled paper impregnated in a 50-50 mix of white glue and water. the pieces of rock are some leftover pieces of foamboard form other projects.

This terrain piece was painted before I had the airbrush and it was the hardest part to do in my opinion.

Below you can see pictures of the crater before painting and once it was painted.

Hope you like it. See you!

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