Thursday, September 26, 2013

Group pics of our Space Marine, Ork and Necron armies

A visitor from my Spanish blog ask me for a group shot of all the Orks that I have. So, as I was already on it I decided to also take a shot of our Space Marine and Necron Armies. I would have taken one of our Imperial Guard Army but I was tired of taking out and putting back into a box so many miniatures.

Space Marines

5 Drop pods (cardboard); whirlwind (conversion), vindicator (cardboard), Ironclad dreadnought (conversion), landspeeder (cardboard), dreadnought, predator, land raider redentor (cardboard); 5 squads of 10 space marines; 5 terminators with ciclon missile launcher, 10 asault space marines, 5 space marines with heavy bolter + a space marine, 5 command squad (with some conversions) + Space marine Captain, 5 asault Terminators (conversions); and 5 scouts. We have also an attack bike that was in another box.


Battlewagon (cardboard), 6 deffkoptas, 3 trukks (2 of cardboard); Looted Wagon (cardboard), 3 Killa Kans (cardboard), 3 meganobz (conversions), Deff dread (cardboard), 3 nob bickers (conversions), 3 warbikers; 3 Mobs of 12 ork boyz, 10 ork boyz, some with big shoota, 5 burna boyz, 5 lootas; 2 warbosses, 1 weirdboy (conversion), 1 Big mek (conversion) and 10 nobz and a Painboy (conversion).


Ghost Ark (cardboard), Doomsday Ark (cardboard), Necron Monolith, Ghost Ark (cardboard); 32 necron warriors , 2 Canoptek Wraiths (1 is a conversion); 5 Flayed Ones (conversions), Catacomb Command Barge (cardboard) with Necron Overlord, 3 Necron Destroyers, 5 Necron Immortals (conversion), 1 Cryptek (conversion), 1 Destroyer Lord (conversion); 8 Canoptek Scarabs bases. We have also another 3 destroyers and around 14 more necron warriors and some scarabs bases.

Right now some of the models that you can see in the pictures above are already painted, I will post some pictures of them when I can. Hope you like them!

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