Monday, September 2, 2013

Cardboard Imperial Guard Sentinels (scratch building)

I have in my Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard Army 3 sentinels equipped with Multi-laser made by my brother on February 2012. This 3 walkers are made mostly in cardboard following the templates from Eli Patoroch.

He also used other materials like empty pen ink cartridges for the exhaust pipes and other tubes, some toothpicks and a little putty.

Hope you like them and feel free to leave any comments.


  1. Fine work, as are all your models I have so far seen.
    You and your brother produce mighty fine models, and I enjoy seeing the processes they evolve by.
    Congratulations on both the fine models and the equally fine blog you show them in.

    Best Regards and Saludos,
    Uyraell, Forum member.


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